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Linda Alaniz- Hornsby moved to the South of France after a broad career that began with a degree in Fine Arts from The University of Michigan. After a stint as a medical photographer, she moved to New York where she specialized in the Performing Arts. During her 12 years in Manhattan, she worked both on and off Broadway, amassing a large and varied portfolio of well-known artists.

Linda’s theatrical shoots included the New York City Ballet, the American Ballet Theatre and the New York City Opera, while her studio work brought her contracts with Children’s Television Workshop, Arts & Entertainment Network and the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Between leaving New York and landing in France, she spent four years as a professional yachtswoman and chef. During her travels she boosted her archive with images captured during ocean crossings, underwater excursions and the faces of locals who caught her eye.

You can see her work in the Madonna biography by Andrew Morton and MTV’s profile of Madonna’s early rise to fame. Linda has recently had a book published called "Les Pompiers Dévoilés..." All proceeds for this book are being donated to a charity for children with special needs.






Linda Alaniz Hornsby Photographer